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The CTD PUBLISHER is guaranteed to streamline and simplify your global Clinical Data Disclosure (CTD). This web-based system is designed to standardize your process and data while reducing the efforts required by expensive resources. CTD PUBLISHER automatically imports data from excel spreadsheets, internal systems and or public websites and shares common data across the structured forms. The configurable workflows, with email notifications, ensure the work is completed on time and captures all stakeholder actions. Just push a button to upload to and to your CTD REGISTRY. Although the CTD REGISTRY generates an approved file, the new EU portal does not currently allow for automatic uploads.

Sylogent, the creator of the CTD PUBLISHER, has more than ten years of experience with protocol registration and results disclosure and is available to assist with regulation tracking and process improvements.

The CTD PUBLISHER can be deployed and ready to use within days. The system includes an integrated training module that assists with user on-boarding. The migration utility instantly downloads sponsor records from and EudraCT. The unique system configuration enables users to modify records quickly and get them approved for publishing.

Study Master Form

US & EU Protocols Registration

US & EU Results Reporting

100 Integrated Templates

Locations Data Manager Auto Publish

EudraCT Approved XMLs

Milestone-Driven Workflows

Task Notification Alerts

Global Regulation Tracker

integrated with CTD REGISTRY

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Sylogent develops software that maximizes regulatory compliance, reduces operational costs and optimizes resource value. We leverage an integrated knowledge of process, data, technology and people to design solutions that deliver measurable results.

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Since 2002, Sylogent software has been utilized by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

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